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R4V Legal Templates

Explore my collection of film and music industry contract templates. Each contract template is sold individually allowing you to buy what you want at your pace, just click on the name. As your needs grow your collection will too. Each template series offers the option to purchase it's entire collection.  We recommend this because we offer a 25% discount at the time of purchase. All you have to do is share the product on your Facebook or Twitter that's it! These templates come with no instructions, or definition of use. These templates are sold as is (no refunds), please read our Legal Notice belowAll contracts and agreements are in Microsoft Word (.doc) format. You can edit these templates to express your terms any way you feel. Contract downloads are handled by PayHip and all credit card processing is handled by securely PayPal.

Film and Music Contract Template COMPLETE Collection | Robert Zeigler Visuals
Legal Notice

Please be aware that there are no warranties, express or implied as to these contracts purchased.
These are blank form agreements that need to be adapted to each legal situation and contractual agreement. They are not a substitute for legal advice and the use of these agreements should be discussed with an attorney in your state for advice for use of these agreements in your state and for use with your specific situation. By choosing to purchase and use these agreements you acknowledge that you have read this disclaimer and agree to its terms and acknowledge that you have not been advised by us or our subsidiaries, and/or the author(s) regarding the use of these agreements to your specific situation and you waive any warranty, express or implied in relationship to the use of these agreements. If you do not agree with this disclaimer and do not adhere to its terms, do not use these agreements.



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